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Our family is moving across country and cannot take our Nativity wrapping paper inventory with us.  Five original Nativity designs are available in packages at  from $1.00 to $5.00 plus shipping.  (Extra shipping charges will apply to large bulk orders.) This is designer quality Christmas wrapping paper with Nativity themes.  It is beautiful paper and […]

Embroidery Library was spotlighted several days ago for some tree skirts embroidered with their designs. I also want to show off the Nativities people have made with their “Sew-a-Story” Nativity patterns. First is a Nativity displayed as a screen.  On the Embroidery Library website, Davie (who stitched each panel separately, backed them with a dark […]

Here are our suggestions for wrapping presents with another of our specialty gift wrap sheets (available at Our Stars wrap is meant for medium to large gifts.  Each sheet is 26”x38” and two sheets put end to end are slightly longer (6’4”) and larger in area (13 sq. ft.) than the average 5’ (12.5 […]

September 30, 2010

We feel privileged to work with Josh Robinson, a friend of our daughter, Brooke and an earnest young husband and father who wants to testify of Jesus Christ with his artwork.  We believe his talent and ability are up to the task. We pictured this as a design that teens and young adults would like.  As it turns out, it’s feeling of pure […]

August 23, 2010

My sister married into a family that has more fun wrapping presents than buying or opening them.  They’ve been known to wrap one sock in one box and its mate in another just to have another box to wrap!  Everyone gets together on Christmas Eve for a wrapping extravaganza, and novelty reigns supreme. This year […]

I am not Catholic, but when I was 8 years old we moved within several blocks of a parochial school.  Every school day when I grabbed my bookcase (no backpacks then) and headed to public school with my siblings, we walked against a tide of blue and red uniformed children making their way to St. Jane’s. Our […]

My neighbor, Lori, found a  simple yet wonderfully versatile idea for presenting the Nativity with silhouettes on wood or glass blocks.  In a blog entry by Adhering Thoughts, an online business that sells vinyl lettering, the following Nativity is displayed: Other Nativity figures are displayed on glass blocks for a more formal look: Heather, who […]

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