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A week or so ago, I found the following post during a search and really liked the symbolic simplicity of this Holy Family Nativity.  Yesterday I tried to relocate it, and no posts showed on the blog I had visited. Since the idea was not unique to the person who posted it, I’m copying the […]

Recently I came across this tidbit on a Keeping Christ in Christmas website: “[T]he word ‘Holiday’ . . . shows up in Old English around 950 A.D. to denote a religious festival, a consecrated day called a ‘holy day.’  In Middle English, it was also ‘hallow day’ or ‘hallowed day,’ and it remains two words […]

While looking for homemade Nativities, I came across this printable Nativity scene.  It’s simple enough for most children to do as a Christmastime craft, and it’s available free of charge: Lundy, the stay-at-home mom who runs ScrapbooksScrapbook from her Alabama home, also has advice on kinds of paper to use and how to reduce […]

Among my first baby gifts was a cloth Nativity from my sister, Laurie. I have cherished it through eight children’s pre-school years, and now my grandchildren pull it to the floor to tell their own story of Jesus’s birth. The following link, discovered by my neighbor Lori, is to an easy-to-make Nativity set that small […]

While searching for some additional child-friendly homemade Nativity sets, I came across a helpful blog entry by Dianna on Catholic Mothers Online (12-16-2010).  See: I especially liked the block Nativity her friend Angie made.  I get a lot of searches for block Nativities.  They are a terrific option for preschoolers – basically indestructible. Dianna […]

I’ve seen amazing creche collections, gathered from one end of the world to the other.  But the homemade Nativities I’m finding online are wonderful in a completely different way. I fell in love with this one as soon as I saw this picture, posted by Kristen (“-nativity/) in Sydney, Australia. It was made by her […]

Lori also found two versions of a Nativity set made by adding figures to wooden blocks — definitely sturdy enough for kids to handle. The first was a homemade gift from the sister of the I Am Mama Hear Me Roar blogger, created by adding stickers to blocks cut in various shapes. For more photos, including shots of […]

We made gingerbread houses only once at Christmastime.  We had four small children and it was quite the project.  My husband also constructed a pretty decent gingerbread replica of Grandma’s house, and we gave it to her for Christmas. Although it didn’t catch on as a tradition (far too much work with little children!), it […]

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